A year ago, a lawyer, a special educator and an education consultant came together with a common intention – to help children and adults with special needs. And that’s how Kai Rassi was born.

Kai Rassi literally means lucky hands, and alludes to the luck that each one is born with. We believe that being different is indeed lucky, when channeled in the right ways.

Our artists are living examples of the fact that life is not just about what you’re born with, but what you make of it.

“A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament. Its beauty comes from the fact that the author is what he is.”

Oscar Wilde


The vision of Kai Rassi is to empower the differently abled with a sense of purpose and achievement through the arts. Our aim is to focus on the abilities of our artists rather than their perceived disabilities, and create opportunities for them to showcase their special talents to the world.

Through the arts, we wish to celebrate uniqueness and diversity, and to promote a more inclusive society.


An online platform to market art and products by differently abled artists


Art workshops and mentors for children and adults with special needs


Inclusive design collaborations with individuals and brands


Divya Rao


Divya graduated from Symbiosis Law School, Pune. Since her graduation, she has worked with corporate law but has always been inclined towards the arts. Finding an intersection between art and the field of special needs has always interested her.

Kadambari Narendran


Kadambari has a Bachelors in Psychology from Women's Christian College, Chennai and a license as a Special Educator from the Rehabilitation Council of India. Working with children and young adults with multiple disabilities at Vidya Sagar, Lotus Blind School SCARF and other organizations, she believes in multiple intelligence and focusing on ability rather than disability.

Indira Reddy


Indira has a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Disability Studies from the University of California, LA. Having close personal experience with differently-abled children, she has always been passionate about helping them through better education and therapies. She has experience working with special children at Vidya Sagar and Alpha to Omega school, and special adults at an art therapy center in Los Angeles.

Preetha Ramaswamy

Volunteer PR and Creative Consultant

Preetha is a Brand and PR Consultant with a passion for stories and all things creative. Her main focus so far has been in the entertainment and lifestyle industries, working with some endearing brands like SPI Cinemas and Nicobar. Having been an ardent fan of the arts since childhood, Preetha joined the Kai Rassi team to conceptualise and facilitate collaborations that will help us reach a larger audience.

Arush Upmanyu

Volunteer Legal Consultant

Arush has a Bachelors Degree focused in law and business administration, from Symbiosis Law School, Pune. He is a practicing corporate lawyer with a special inclination to help the differently-abled. A very process oriented individual whose core competencies are legal drafting and compliance, business development and organisational process & workflow streamlining.