Great designs come with great stories. It is our hope to tell the stories of our artists through their unique designs. We believe that differently abled artists have the potential to translate their views of the world into unique and beautiful pieces of art. They have the potential to see what others do not see and do what others do not do.

Differently Designed is an initiative that aims to empower differently abled artists by creating opportunities in mainstream design. By interpreting and adapting these special artworks, Differently Designed aims to create custom designs for packaging, invitations, stationery, clothing and merchandise for brands and individuals.


SPI Cinemas is a leading multiplex chain in the Indian entertainment industry and is the creator of some of the most poplar cinema brands in the country. Being pioneers in the cinema going experience, SPI Cinemas constantly strives to push boundaries and do things differently.

Four designs of Differently Designed popcorn tubs were launched on February 2, 2018. Artists featured are Swami, Nara and Anjana.