Differently Designed

Kairassi collaborated with design agency Rubecon Creative to launch Differently Designed - an initiative to create inclusive designs for socially conscious brands and individuals. 

Product Packaging

We adapted artworks by 3 differently abled artists to design special edition popcorn tubs for SPI Cinemas, which featured across all the cinemas for one month.

Artists featured: Swami, Anjana, and Narasimhalu.


The organisers of TEDxChennai commissioned Kairassi to design the stage for the TEDx conference, held at Sir Mutha Concert Hall, Chennai. 

The theme for TEDxChennai 2019 was If. Conceptually, the stage design featured the cosmos and constellations, symbolising infinite possibilities. We executed circular abstract panels by our artists Manas, Tanvi and Akash, representing the swirls and iridescent colours of the cosmos. The constellations were designed in our artist Swami's signature style, and also executed by our artist Antony.

Artists featured: Akash, Tanvi, Manas, Antony and Swami.

Wedding Invites 

We worked closely with a couple who wanted to support our cause, to design the invitations for their special day. The art was customised to their specific requests.

Artist featured: Akash​

The Style Salad

Kai Rassi collaborated with The Style Salad, a curated gifting platform, to feature Kai Rassi merchandise on their website and incorporate it in their gift boxes.

We created a specially curated Charity box, featuring notebooks by Kairassi, and merchandise from other non-profit organisations including Yein Udaan, aadi, and  Love Earth. 

Artists featured: Dhruv

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