our story

Kai Rassi creates vocational art programmes and spaces for differently-abled artists, helping them make, market and earn an income from their original artworks.


We provide our artists with individualised instruction, mentorship, art materials and marketing assistance, helping them contribute to the art in our society and developing a sense of purpose with confidence.

Our artists are largely self-taught and tell authentic, unique and unfiltered stories through their artwork.


Kai Rassi Foundation is an Non-Profit Organisation founded in 2017, registered under the Indian Companies Act.




origins | 

Kairassi is a tamil word that loosely translates to auspicious hands - alluding to the luck that one is born with.


Artists are creative individuals who are able to use their creativity to create things of beauty - for the rest of us to admire. The origin of any artist is practising their hand at perfecting something as simple as straight lines later translating into their unique artistic style and vision.


We, at Kai Rassi believe in using what we have to make a difference - and that in our differences lie our strengths. We are committed to unearthing and guiding our differently-abled artists along their artistic journey.

the team



Divya is a lawyer by day who moonlights as an independent artist! During one of her usual days at the office, she was inspired to create a space - that was both, inclusive and creative - where individuals impacted by disability could hone their skills, while helping them get the recognition and respect that they deserve.

She holds a degree in Law and Business Administration at Symbiosis Law School, Pune.



Kadambari believes in multiple intelligence and focusing on ability rather than disability when working with children and young adults with multiple disabilities at Vidya Sagar, Lotus Blind School, SCARF and many other organizations

She also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Women's Christian College, Chennai and is a licensed Special Educator from the Rehabilitation Council of India.



Indira has always been passionate about providing better education practices and therapies for differently abled children.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Disability Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles, she has experience in working with the children at Vidya Sagar, Alpha to Omega School, and an art therapy clinic in Los Angeles


volunteer - finance and audit support

Pranay is a chartered accountant by profession. While his day job involves deal-making, he finds solace in giving back to the society by helping the differently abled. Pranay assists us with finance, accounting and marketing support.


volunteer - design support

Rohan's immense passion for art drives him to assist Kai Rassi with all their graphic design needs. He holds a Masters degree from Oxford Brookes University. He runs his own engineering firm in Chennai.


volunteer - legal support

As a practicing corporate lawyer with a special inclination to help the differently abled, Arush assists Team Kai Rassi with legal drafting, advisory and compliance, and business development. He hold his Bachelor's degree in law and business administration from Symbiosis Law School, Pune.


volunteer - branding and PR

Being a Brand and PR Consultant with major groups like SPI Cinemas and Nicobar, Preetha uses her passion for creating and communicating a brand’s stories to the world. She uses her love of the arts and her professional strengths to help the Kai Rassi team conceptualise and facilitate collaborations to reach a larger audience.